6th Grade Camp Fundraiser 2020 ~ 2021

My 6th-grade teacher, Mr. S, has asked all students to create a fundraiser to help fund our 6th-grade camp experience.

Mr. S also mentioned we need to earn our own money instead of using our parents’ money.

If you like my artwork please allow me to draw a custom digital image for you. The prices are:

$5 for a portrait or

$10 for a portrait with a Pokemon (this portrait also gets you a FREE Pogo Egg Charm too!)

See below for a gallery of all the commissions I have completed so far towards my 6th-Grade Camp Fundraiser.

Updated 6/10/2020: Anyone who allows me to draw them a portrait with a Pokemon will receive a free Pokemon Go Egg Charm, custom made by Clara. You can choose from 2K (green), 5K (orange), 7K (pink), or 10K (purple) egg. 🙂

In addition to portraits, you can also help by purchasing a polymer clay Pokemon Go Egg as a necklace too.

$5 for a key charm (or you can get this for FREE if you order a portrait with a Pokemon artwork)

$10 for a necklace

Pogo Egg Necklace
Pokemon Go Egg Corded Necklace (In Picture Top to Bottom: 2K Egg Necklace, 10K Egg Necklace, and Alolan Egg Necklace)
Pogo Egg Key Charms 2
Pokemon Go Egg Key Charms (In Picture (left to right): Alolan Necklace, Alolan Key Charms, 2K Egg Key Charms, 5K Egg Key Charms, and 10K Egg Key Charms)

Thank you so much for visiting my fundraiser page.

Please contact my Mom on Facebook or Instagram to reach me. 🙂

I accept Venmo, Zelle, and Paypal. If you live in Irvine, we can drop off the items at your doorstep for free. Otherwise, I will have to add S&H. Thank you for helping me.

Fundraiser ends Monday March 1, 2021.